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Tips on How to Slow Down and Enjoy Having Sex

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Have you ever thought about how to slow down and enjoy having sex? If you’re tired or physically drained, having sex will probably not be fun. You may even notice that you’re getting tired quicker and that your erection is beginning to slip away. Don’t worry. This is normal after the initial rush of excitement.

So, first, figure out how to put some time away from having sex. Make sure you don’t have sex right after a workout because it’s likely not going to be fun anyhow. Also, if you’re physically drained, sex isn’t going to be very enjoyable.

You and your partner can both plan ahead to make sex last longer. Pick a few days or weeks a month when your schedules allow for more time spent together.

Another way to slow down and enjoy having sex is to think of things that both of you enjoy doing together. For example, if you both like reading, spend that time together. If you both enjoy watching movies together, go out and see a movie.

In addition to planning what you’ll do together, make sure that both of you have a good idea of how much sex you want. If you’re having sex often and you’re tired, it may become more important to have sex at all.

Or if you’re having sex every once in a while, it may be more important to cut back on sex, at least until you’re both more rested and ready to have more.

If you’re having sex every other night, start thinking of ways to spice it up. Try something new, or switch up what you’re doing. You could start using sex toys for stimulation, or switching positions, or talking dirty.

If you’re having sex once or twice a week, however, just focus on those times when you feel great and want to have sex again. Even if it’s just for a little while, it will make having sex more enjoyable. When it’s fun, you’ll be less likely to take the enjoyment out of having sex for granted.

Finally, remember that sex can be an important part of a relationship. Some couples take pleasure from having sex so much that it becomes more than a sexual activity.

It can be the basis for marriage, or it may even lead to a romantic relationship. Just remember that even though you enjoy having sex a lot, it doesn’t mean that your partner does.

Enjoyment and intimacy go hand in most relationships. So even if you’re having less sex than you’d like, try to maintain some interest in sex.

It’s also a good idea to keep your relationship and your love life interesting by going on dates with other people. Although having sex with them isn’t necessary, it does make things more exciting and gives you a chance to see that person’s true personality.

Remember that although you enjoy having sex with your partner, you also have to take care of yourself too. If you’re tired, don’t have sex with them. That’s the worst thing you can do to the sex you have.

A lot of couples find that being in the mood makes for great sex. However, it’s also very important not to become so excited that you end up not enjoying yourself.

If you find yourself getting out of control while having sex, don’t push through it, and don’t forget that the purpose of sex is for you to enjoy yourselves. Take care of yourself and your body, and it will take care of itself.

You may have to learn how to slow down and enjoy having sex, but the good thing is that there are plenty of ways to get back into the mood.

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